100% Natural Organic Eco Friendly Premium Compressed Coconut Husk

Will help to Maintain Moisture

Resists Mildew And Mold

Low Dust and Salt


Perfect  for use in hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouses, plant nurseries, and landscaping.. Also well known as an amphibian and reptile substrate, in vermiculture, small animal bedding, along with epiphyte and orchid enthusiasts. Our high quality coconut chips are made of premium coco husk. It offers best results when it comes to drainage, increased aeration, and moisture retention.. It retains more water than any other media while remaining ph neutral.

High Quality Husk: These coconut chips are 100% organic and natural because they are obtained from only from coco husk. Because of the natural quality of coco husk these coco chips naturally retain a large amount of water. The coir is ideal for reducing irrigation significantly and will help in growth of healthy landscapes.

Very Flexible Usage: Coco coir and coco chips can be mixed in different ratios (and amended with pumice, vemiculite, fertilizers, etc) to provide the perfect planting medium for your plants.

Longevity: Coco chips remain in use for a long period in comparison to mulch or wood chips.. The coco chips have the ability to keep their form between 4 to 5 years and help in maintaining pH.

Top Soil Alternative: Coconut coir may be used as top soil or could be mixed with sand ( 60% coco coir, 30% sand, 10% compost ) to use as a direct medium on open land, to grow grass, bushes, flowers, etc. Coco husk also carries a high content of cellulose and lignin, making it an outstanding substrate for edible mushroom cultivation.

Great for Aquaponic and Hydroponic Applications: Natural, Organic and Eco friendly which is perfect for soil amendment for indoor planting. Coco chips are recommended for a wide variety of uses. It is great for landscaping, container planting, hydroponics and organic soil mixing. This premium coco husk product is very well accepted for mega-scale (100 plus acre) green-houses around the world.

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Prococo Cocopeat Premium Coconut Coir Top Quality 100% Organic, Ideal for Soil Aeration, Drainage & Moisture Retention, Hydroponic & Aquaponic Uses, Best for Plants, Landscape Projects and Reptiles

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